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Moving Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are heavy and very bulky. Attempting to move it is very dangerous for someone with no experience and without proper equipment. For those that have experience, the right equipment and the enough people moving a tub will be an easy task.




  - Drain the hot tub completely, once it is empty put the drain cap back.

  - Unplug the hot tub from electrical current and secure the cord by taping it to the wood penal.

  - Make sure that the motor is secure in its place.

  - Turn the tub on its side. Have at least 4 people lifting it.

  - Have two men lift the front corner slowly off the ground and place in on a 4 wheel dolly, then while front is secure in the position on the dolly, raise the back of it and also place it on the second 4 wheel dolly. At all times have 4 people keeping the tub from swaying from side to side.

  - Once the tub is on 4 wheel dollies, strap it to the dollies with special moving straps, so that the tub is securely attached to them to prevent the dollies slipping from under it.

  - Slowly roll the tub to the truck. Make sure your truck has a lift gate, this will make it getting tub in the truck much easier and safer process.

Inside the truck roll the tub to the side wall of the box truck, which has wooden panels. Strap the tub to the side of the truck leaving it attached to the dollies. Cover it with moving blankets for extra security.

  - Repeat this process at the destination. Major key points: have at least four people handling tub at both ends, and maneuver tub slowly - don't rush.


  - Moving the tub up or down stairs. 4 wheeler dollies are great when moving your tub in flat surface, they can over come some minor dips, or bumps, may be a curb lift, however if you have to deal with a flight of stairs you will need an appliance dolly. These are the same dollies that are used to move refrigerators. Appliance dollies have long straps that secure the dolly to the tub and you have more control of the appliance dolly, which has only two small wheels, that that of a 4 wheeler.

  - Make sure to have two people on each side of the tub and slowly, one stair at a time. When you are ready to lower your tub into place, be careful not to jam your fingers.

  - Connect your tub to the electric outlet and water pipes.

Enjoy using it!