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How to move you’re above ground pool 

Need help moving your above ground pool? The following are above ground_pool
simple steps to assist you in moving your pool efficiently. 
Steps for disassembling your above ground pool
for transport –
Remove all water and debris from the inside of the pool.
Remove the old liner (You will dispose of the old liner)
Dig out the outside perimeter of the pool.
Dig out the inside perimeter.
Remove the top caps, top plates and top rails from the pool.
Remove all uprights.
Remove all wall bolts.
Roll up the wall securely/secure with rope to keep in a roll
Thoroughly clean all parts of the pool before transport.
Steps to preparing the new site for your installation –
Level the new installation site.
Lay a sand or stone base across the perimeter.
Place foam floor padding and foam covings. 
                 *The site being level is most important.  

Steps to install the pool in the new location – 

Install the bottom track accurately around the perimeter.
Check and double check leveling.
Install all uprights.
Unwrap your wall and stretch it around the uprights.
Secure wall with wall bolts.
Install your NEW liner (you cannot reuse your old liner).
Reattach top plates, caps and top rails.
Install your ladder.
Install your filtration system.