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Inventory of Household Goods

An inventory or inventory report is a list of household goods and their condition.

Movers are required to take inventory of your household goods when taking possession of the shipment overnight or longer. Long distance moves are considered any moves with a distance of over 100 miles. Due to the restrictions of the amount of hours drivers are allowed to stay on duty, most long distance moves are delivered on the next day or later than the pickup day. Some local moves that require movers to hold the shipment in their warehouse or on the truck for a later delivery, similar to the long distance moves, require shipment to be inventoried by the movers. While common for distance and storage moves, an inventory report is not normally prepared for hourly moves. As on hourly move you will be charged for the time it takes to inventory a shipment. And taking inventory of the shipment that is supposed to be delivered the same day is very uncommon.

A complete and specific inventory of your shipment is a business-like procedure for you and the mover.


The movers will use numbered and colored stickers, which will be used to tag your shipment. The stickers will all have the same color and the same lot numbers. This helps movers to keep shipments separated during consolidated deliveries, or for the shipments stored in transit.

Movers tag boxes, furniture and other items in the shipment with numbered stickers. After the item is tagged with the sticker it is then written into the inventory form next to the number representing the item. Movers also will note the item's condition before the move. Later, when shipment is delivered, each item should be inspected by you and the mover and any changes to the original condition of the items, such as damages or losses should be described next to the item as well. Make sure that you agree with mover's notations of the condition of your items. If you disagree, make your own notations on the form. It may be helpful to take pictures of the items which you disagree about.

The inventory forms must be signed by you and the mover on the day of pickup. The original report the mover will keep with the shipment and you will receive a copy of all inventory forms. You should hold on to them until the delivery. After the delivery both you and the mover must sign the inventory forms again, noting any damages or losses. Check all boxes carrying fragile and expansive items. Personal participation is encouraged during inventorying process as this will help you uncover damages and will simplify any future claims. However, failure to do so will not affect your right to file a claim.

Example of an inventory form

Inventory new_Moorpark_2 

Inventory new_bottom