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Moving Armories and China Cabinets – The “How to” guide –

Armories and China Cabinets are a great space to have
added storage. Armories can store anything from your
linens to your wardrobe in your bedroom. China Cabinets
are used more to store items of high price and
sentimental value. So these large pieces of furniture are
definitely items you want to take with you to your new 
home. Use the following steps to assure a safe and
successful move of your armoire or china cabinet. 

Step 1: 

Remove all items from inside the cabinet. Including,
all loose items such as shelves that are not permanently
attached to the cabinet.Removing these items can
prevent damage from occurring to your cabinet or armoire.After all loose items are removed, pack them in
appropriately sized boxes, and then label the boxes.This way upon arrival in the new home, you can easily
decipher what goes where. 

Step 2: 

If your cabinet or armoire has doors that are glass or are in any way fragile or delicate, you will want to
remove these doors prior to the move. Remove the doors at the hinge, be sure to keep the hinge and
screws in a secure place to quickly locate them once you have it in the new home. Wrap the doors
to protect them during the move. DO NOT tape the doors shut, this will destroy the finish on the cabinet. 

Step 3:  

Are there drawers in your cabinet? If so, use your best judgment to decide if they need to be removed.
Empty the drawers completely. If the drawers are loose and seem as though they might slide out during
the move, remove them. Also, if you feel that the drawers add a considerable amount of weight to the 
armoire, you may want to remove them. DO NOT tape the drawers shut, this will destroy the finish
on the cabinet.    

Step 4: 

Once you have completed steps 1 through 3, you are ready to protect your cabinet and get it ready
to be moved. Be sure to properly protect any doors or drawers that you have removed.You can use
bubble wrap or furniture blankets to do so. Also, you are now ready to cover the armoire itself with
furniture blankets. This will protect your cabinet from and scratches, dents, or damaged finish.
Use sealing tape, twine or rope to hold the blankets in place. 

Now, you are ready to move your armoire or china cabinet safely and efficiently!