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Moving Art Work

art crate

Artwork is valuable - Dealing with Artwork requires special knowledge and experience. It must be handled by companies that specialize in Art Work relocation and have a proven track record in this field.

If you must do your own packing, please follow the guidelines that have been developed during many years of our experience.

For local relocations: you should consider moving your art work yourself to reduce the chance of damage.

Some artworkd can be relocated in soft crates made out of double carton boxes, and more heavy and bulky art must be transported in wooden crates.


- When handling an unframed print or drawing, slide a sheet of cardboard beneath it as a support and hold the cardboard, not the art. You must support the long sides of the cardboard with both hands.

- Place art between several layers of sturdy cardboard to prevent any sort of bending and tape around the outside of the cardboard pieces so they stay together.

- To prevent artwork from sliding inside the crate use this tip - fold a sheet of paper into a triangle and place each triangle on a corner edge of the artwork, then tape the triangle to the cardboard.

- Place the taped up cardboard between two pieces of corrugated cardboard and tape all sides securely. You may also consider placing this into a mirror pack, large TV box, or even a Dish pack or Wardrobe box (depending on the size of your piece) for even more secure shipping transportation.

- We do not recommend rolling fine art as corners can get bent or the art work could be creased. This is especially important for serigraph prints since they are prone to crack.

Please note: Unframed work should be covered with tissue or plain newsprint to protect the surface and should not be stored in cardboard for very long. The acid in the cardboard is not good for the art work.


- Start by getting the strongest - best quality boxes to protect your valuables. Most moving supply stores offer a wide range of boxes for moving household goods. Dish pack and Wardrobe boxes can be used to crate art. They are reasonably priced and work well for art, as they are built with double carton width. If your artwork is too large for available boxes, you can assemble a carton crate, which will accommodate any size frame. Make sure to have at least 3” of extra space for padding.

- It is crucial to protect the art inside the crate.

- Use a combination of packing paper and bubble wrap to cover the art piece from all sides and angels. We strongly recommend having packing paper cover your art first and having bubble wrap go over the paper. You do not want plastic bubble have direct contact with your art piece for an extended period of time.

- Make sure you are covering each frame corner since the corners tend to be the points of impact. We recommend adding corner protectors to the frame.

- Create a tight cushion for the art piece by placing packing paper and peanuts or additional bubble wrap inside the bottom, top and sides of the box. Place the bubble wrapped piece on to a layer of packing material inside the soft crate and stuff the sides and top with additional packing material.

- A tight fit will ensure that artwork does not slide around in the box.

- Tape the entire box securely by taping completely around the edges.

- For Articles that are bulky and extra heavy, you may want to use wooden crates instead of carton or cardboard boxes.

Whether you want to move you art yourself or if you require help, our experienced staff will provide you with complementary advice or will set up time for professional relocation.