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Moving a Grand Piano – The “How to” guide –

piano Grand.1jpg

To successfully move your Grand Piano, it will take careful planning and execution of your plan. Remember, grand pianos can weigh over 1,000 pounds and their finishes are highly susceptible to scratches and dents. Follow these steps to safely and efficiently move your grand piano.

Step 1: Measure your piano:

You will need to carefully measure your piano to properly execute step 2 in this process. You will need to measure the length and width of your piano, also knowing an approximate weight will help in preparing to have the proper moving tools.


Step 2: Create a safe route:

After you have your measurements from step 1, you are able to efficiently plan the safest route in which to move your piano. Measuring all doorways and removing all furniture that may cause a conflict while moving your piano. Typically, grand pianos are moved on-end, so be sure to measure all doorways in order to make sure they are not only wide enough but also tall enough. There must several inches to spare on all sides of the piano to insure a safe and scratch free move.


Step 3: Preparing your piano:

The safest and most efficient way to move a grand piano is by using a tool called a rolling skid board. If you do not own a rolling skid board, you can rent one from your local moving company. After obtaining the rolling skid board, gather all the help you can, as lifting the piano can prove to be the most difficult part of this move. Lift the bass corner of the piano and unscrew the leg below. Then with the help of your crew, blanket and tape the entire piano and legs, including the leg that was just removed.


Step 4: Move the piano:

Begin by lifting the piano as evenly as possible and slowly balance it on the skid board. Be sure that the top of the piano and the key board cover ae secured. Once the piano is on the skid board and balanced, it is ready to be pushed slowly following the route you created in step 2. Extra helpers should walk along side of the piano to assist in keeping balance if there are and wobbles or bumps along the way.


Following these four simple steps will insure a successful move of your grand piano. But, remember if you are not comfortable in following these steps and executing your plan, call in professional movers that can insure a successful move.