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Moving a Sleep Number Bed


Modern technology allows us enjoying our rest in the state of the art Sleep Number Beds. These beds are build to provide comforting support in the right places, with temperature balancing sleep surface, which keeps you from sleeping too hot or too cold. They come with wireless controls that are designed to find your Sleep Number quick and easy. You can adjust the firmness of your bed on each side of the mattress for ideal comfort.

This comfort does not come cheap. These mattresses cost thousands of dollars.

A king size Sleep Number Mattresses are sold in the range of $5,000.00.

Obviously, when you spend so much money on a mattress you want to make sure that your mover understands the importance of proper handling of your bed. You also want your movers to have the know-how of moving Sleep Number Beds.

There are specific instructions that manufacturers advise for moving their product.

Special Instructions:

Mattress SleepBed

1st Step

The mattress must be carefully removed from the foundation. Set it aside and proceed to dis-assemble the bed's foundation.

2nd Step

Slide the deck panels from the support beams and side rails.

3d Step

Remove the center support beams.

4th Step

Pull the short end beams at the comers from the slots in the side rails.

5th Step

Pull the "T" shaped connecting pins from the side rails at the joints and break the side rails apart into pieces (2 pieces/side rail) by unhooking at the joints.

6th Step

Tie the beams and rails together with moving straps and wrap with moving pads for transportation. Gather all hardware in a plastic bag and tape/attach it to the tied up pieces.

SleepNumberBed Control

7th Step

Place the Sleep Number bed mattress into a mattress moving box, which has to be fully inflated. Use the air chamber caps to stop air from escaping the hoses during transport.

8th Step

Protect the Firmness Control System with the pump and remote control by wrapping it with bubble wrap and box it.

9th Step

The mattress can be deflated, then remove the mattress cover, and foam comfort pad, border wrap, foam border walls and air chambers. And wrap it with moving blankets and shrink wrap for extra protection against damages, scratches, dirt or staining.


Use your owner's manual instructions to reassemble your Sleep Number Bed at your new residence.