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Valencia Movers 


Valencia Movers

If you live in Valencia or anywhere in Greater Los Angeles area and need help securely move your entire private belonging to the new place, most probably you will require a help of licensed, professional movers.

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From Susan Lowe

Moving is horrible and stressful. At least that what I thought- until I had to hire Valencia Movers .

They took really good care of my furniture- everything was well packed, move was fast and smooth. Everybody was professional, polite and cheerful. To my surprise it was a nice, pleasant experience.

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From Jack Hilton

I would like to thank Valencia Movers for the job well done! They packed and moved my stuff in 6 hours. Nothing was broken. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Stanley Berman

I would like to thank Valencia Movers and specifically moving team for the great service they provided. We called Valencia Movers – and appointment was scheduled. Nothing was broken- things were packed really well. If i move again Valencia Movers is definitely my choice!!

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Commercial Moves                                      

Valencia Movers have helped hundreds of commercial customers with local and long distance relocation. Our movers are uniquely qualified to work on large and complicated projects and have delivered excellent results.

Our movers worked on the following projects:

Valencia Commercial

  • Office moves and industrial moves,
  • Business roll outs to multiple locations or large-scale moves,
  • Freight shipping,
  • Logistics services,
  • Residential delivery for businesses,
  • Transportation of machinery and large equipment,
  • Museum moves or moving fine art and collectibles,
  • Trade show shipping,
  • Shipping forwarding,
  • Special products shipping,


Any Move - Any Where - Any Time

Special Offers! Call Now!

Valencia Movers has a commercial unit specifically assigned to handle above mentioned projects. Each project will get a commercial specialist that will address any concerns of that our customer may have regarding upcoming relocation.

- Our estimator will visit your business and meet with the owner/manager assigned to handle the move. Estimator will get floor plans of the old and the new facilities, inventory of goods to be relocated, take prices measurements of large, heavy or bulky article that require special handling. Inspect the area for access of both locations by our trucks.

- Our commercial specialist will work with estimator to work on developing a plan that will fit customer's time guidelines and budget.

- Our specialist will later meet with the customer to present developed plan. At the meeting our specialist and the customer will make final necessary adjustments suggested by customer. The adjustments will be applied to our old plan and the customer will receive a binding - "not to exceed" estimate of costs.

- Thereafter, reservation for the start dates are made. At that time we assign a project manager in charge of our movers. He will personally select a team, equipment and materials to be prepared and ready to go to work.

Local commercial moves are charged hourly and long distance moves by the weight of the shipment. Please check our local and long distance pages for details.

Our commercial specialist and project manager work with our customer from the beginning until the job is complete.

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        Trying to do it by yourselves?                       Is it worth it?


Here are some tips to those that must do it themselves...

< Pack one area/room/office at a time (organized).

  • < Mark boxes with colored stickers for easier separation at delivery.
  • < Each box has to have information of it's contents, be as specific as you can, will save you time unpacking (use marker).
  • < Have different sizes boxes available.
  • < Tape the bottom of every box; tape the top closed tightly when full.
  • < Run two strips of tape along the side and one strip down the center. (If the box is still not strong enough, apply more tape on the sides.)
  • < Don't apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes. Removing the tape could ruin the surface.
  • < Keep weight of your boxes reasonable - DO NOT OVER LOAD!
  • < Small boxes are for heavy items (e.g. books, files, printing paper, etc.).
  • < Medium boxes are for lighter, bulkier items, preferably NON-breakables.
  • < Double box - fragile items.
  • < Fragile items must be wrapped individually by bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • < Boxes with fragile items must be sufficiently cushioned and marked with red marker
  • < Stuff top, bottom and sides of boxes with paper. This helps prevent shifting, rubbing and possible breakage.
  • < Stack boxes to the top to prevent them from being crushed. But don't pack fragile items too tightly. Stuff with paper.
  • < Label the contents of every box and the room where it belongs. Group boxes together that belong in the same room. 
  • < Label any boxes/items "STORAGE" that will be stored for you.

If you have any questions about moving services, local or long distance, residential or commercial visit our FAQs pages.