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Valencia Movers 


Valencia Movers

If you live in Valencia or anywhere in Greater Los Angeles area and need help securely move your entire private belonging to the new place, most probably you will require a help of licensed, professional movers.

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From Susan Lowe

Moving is horrible and stressful. At least that what I thought- until I had to hire Valencia Movers .

They took really good care of my furniture- everything was well packed, move was fast and smooth. Everybody was professional, polite and cheerful. To my surprise it was a nice, pleasant experience.

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From Jack Hilton

I would like to thank Valencia Movers for the job well done! They packed and moved my stuff in 6 hours. Nothing was broken. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Stanley Berman

I would like to thank Valencia Movers and specifically moving team for the great service they provided. We called Valencia Movers – and appointment was scheduled. Nothing was broken- things were packed really well. If i move again Valencia Movers is definitely my choice!!

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Residential Moves.                                             


Majority of Valencia Movers business is residential relocations. Our movers are experienced in working with families moving in town, in state or out of state. We are moving someone belongings from one part of the country to another every day. Our company’s movers are providing a lot of moving services, and we are considered a full service moving company. The residential moving is a reallocation of all your belongings to new residence or storage. Fast and reliable, providing insurance and attractive prices.

Please call us now or fill out our on line form and get a free accurate estimate.

Any Move - Any Where - Any Time

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If you are looking for a full service moving company for solution of your moving needs, you will definitely find the best solution with Valencia Movers . We are going to help you in a fast and efficient way. Our residential moving unit will be your best solution of the relocation needs. Ordering residential moving from us you are going to have:

  • accurate estimate, that we will calculate individually based on your actual inventory
  • fast and reliable services accomplished in time,
  • all of this for the really attractive price.

There are different options of making a reservation, but the best is to order moving and getting an estimate before hand. Thus you will have the a firm conviction in the final price, and you will be totally protected from any unpleasant surprises.

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Customers relocating in California are supposed to receive this booklet. It will help them prepare themselves to choose right moving company and have a smooth move.

Our company specializes in moving any kind of a residence from small 2 bedroom house across the street to massive mansions across the entire country. Usually, there are a lot of preparation required for movers before they finally ready to go, we know that and so should you. The sooner you select a moving company the better. With professional moving planners who can inventory your items to determine what you will need, your move will be that much more hassle-free. If you haven't given yourself plenty of time however, don't worry. Our Company can still make it done stress-free even for those who've waited until the last minute. We want your local move or otherwise long distance relocation to be without a problem. Leave the worrisome part to us.

Valuation Protection of shipments.

Any residential move consists of many valuable items that are important to you more then just a regular table or a chair. Our company will show you different levels of protection that are available to our clients.

Movers are required to assume liability over the customers shipment. However, there are different levels of liability and you should be aware of the amount of protection provided and charges for each option.

Most movers offer three levels of liability under the terms of their tariffs.

- Basic Coverage aka released value. This no-additional-cost option provides minimum protection. Under this option, the mover assumes liability of 60 cents per pound. For example: if mover breaks a stereo system that weighs 10 lbs valued at $1,000, mover will be liable for no more than $6.00. Obviously, customers should think hard before signing for this no additional cost protection options.

There are Actual Value insurance and Full Value insurance available. These valuations come with cost.

- Actual Cash Value protection ensures recovery at the actual (today's fair market value) cash value of your lost or damaged item up to the total value you declared on the contract, the cost will be explained to you by our office, so do your research prior to the move day.

- Full Value protection ensures recovery at the full value (i.e. replacement value) of your lost or damaged item, up to the declared value. You are responsible for deductibles. The contract will show the rates for each insurance option. However, don't wait til last day. Make your decision ahead of time when you are budgeting for the total relocation cost.

Items of extraordinary value, such as antiques, art objects, precious metal art effects (should not be moved by a mover). However, if you must have mover handle those items you must have a separate inventory of those items and their value declared for each. It's best not to ship money, jewelry, important papers, or other valuable personal articles. Keep those items out of reach of others and take them with you.

If you have any questions about moving services, local or long distance, residential or commericial visit our FAQs pages.