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Valencia Movers 


Valencia Movers

If you live in Valencia or anywhere in Greater Los Angeles area and need help securely move your entire private belonging to the new place, most probably you will require a help of licensed, professional movers.

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From Susan Lowe

Moving is horrible and stressful. At least that what I thought- until I had to hire Valencia Movers .

They took really good care of my furniture- everything was well packed, move was fast and smooth. Everybody was professional, polite and cheerful. To my surprise it was a nice, pleasant experience.

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From Jack Hilton

I would like to thank Valencia Movers for the job well done! They packed and moved my stuff in 6 hours. Nothing was broken. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Stanley Berman

I would like to thank Valencia Movers and specifically moving team for the great service they provided. We called Valencia Movers – and appointment was scheduled. Nothing was broken- things were packed really well. If i move again Valencia Movers is definitely my choice!!

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Packing Service.                                              

Packing is the one of the most important parts of moving preparations. Professionally packed boxes will ensure safety of fragile valuables. Items such as crystal, china, mirrors, electronics etc. Moving insurance protects items that were packed by professional movers.

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Packing large boxes


Packing services are charged by the amount time and packers working and cost of materials used to pack and protect valuable items.

The table below shows approximate hours and costs of packing different households, from a studio apartment to a large 5 + Bedroom House. 

Type of Residence






2 – 4

$40 - $80

1 Bedroom Apartment


3 -  5

$50 - $100

2 Bedroom Apt. \ House


4  - 7

$80 - $140

3 Bedroom Apt. \ House


5 -  8

$120 - $200

4 Bedroom House


6 -  9

$180 - $300

5 Bedroom House


7 - 10

$250 - $400


5 +

9 +

$300 +


Valencia Movers recommends customers with residences 3 bedrooms or larger and all commercial clients to get a Free On Site estimate. Our estimator will take detailed inventory and measurements of the items. It is very important to get us as much information regarding valuable items that require special attention such as antiques or collectibles. Estimator will inventory all other items needed packing for relocation, such as books, files, clothes, linens etc. After the inventory is completed our estimator will be able to determine the number of packers required, amount of labor hours, and quantity and type of materials necessary to protect and pack valuable items and entire household. The last step is to calculate the cost of labor and materials and provide customer with an estimate. Having a written estimate customer can budget the cost of the move, as customer can choose to pack some of the non-fragile items themselves. The estimate will help avoid any surprises and help to control the cost of the move!

If you do it for the first time - packing may become a very long and tedious process. At first it seems very simple. However, when you start to pack expensive and fragile valuable that have irregular shapes and sizes, you begin to realize the importance of professional help.

wardrobe demo mover

Our packers have many years of experience and are proud of the job they do and company they represent.

We recommend our customers to start by getting a free estimate and then make an educated decision on how much help you may need.



Here is a list of boxes and packing materials commonly used in moving industry.

FILE (BANKER) MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

     20 Boxes Per Bundle - size range of (15" x 12" x 10").

      Great for packing files, paperwork, books, etc.

SMALL MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

     Size range of (15"x 12"x 9").

     For packing books, collectibles and small/light manufactured items.

MEDIUM MOVING BOXES - 3.0 cubic feet,

     Size range of (18"x 15"x 12").

     For packing larger books, files, collectibles, almost all non-breakable kitchenware. (Do not over pack).

LARGE MOVING BOXES - 4.5 cubic feet,

     Size range (24"x 16"x 17").

      For shipping, storing linens, pillows, collectibles, larger plastic dishes, metal serving platters, plants, and lamps.

EXTRA LARGE MOVING BOXES - 5.2 cubic feet,

     Size range (24"x 24"x 16").

     For shipping, storing larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large but lighter items - Be careful to keep the weight manageable. Do not over pack…

DISH PACK BOX - 6.2 cubic feet,

     Size range (24" x 18" x 24").

     For shipping fragile articles: china, glasses, dishes, bottles, etc.

      Double Strength Carton. Specifically made for transportation of fragile, expansive articles.

PICTURE BOX - Large picture box,

     4 Boxes per pack - (40" x 60" x 4") ( has no afflictions with our company, we used it just as an example of one online provider).

      Excellent box for protection of wall art, mirrors and pictures.


    - Box Fits TV up to 29" (30" x 8" x 22") Plasma, LCD, and LED.

    - Box Fits TV up to 55" (56" x 8" x 42") Plasma, LCD, and LED.

    - Box Fits TV up to 70" range: (72" x 8" x 55") Plasma, LCD, and LED.

LAMP BOXES - Tall and short

     3 Sets of Boxes a small and a larger one - (12" x 12" x 60")

      Lamp needs to be disassembled and top and bottom packed separately.

WARDROBE BOX - 11.00 cubic feet,

      5 Boxes Per Bundle - (20" x 20" x 48").

      Double Strength Carton. Can be used over and over again - Great for storing winter & summer clothes too! Our Heavy Duty boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

WOODEN CRATES - made for specific articles, such as art affects, antiques, and heavy bulky glass or clay items.

     Our estimators will take measurements and crate will be assembles in a short amount of time.

PACKING TAPE - clear tape,

6 roll bundle - Provides 650 yards of tape. Seals about 100 medium boxes. Very strong and durable product.


      Roll - (12" wide x 100')

      Excellent for moving and protecting glass and other fragile articles: electronics, expansive china, glass furniture, antiques, etc.


      Roll - (18"x 1000' long).

      Protects against scratches, dirt, dust, and holds items tight, keeps the integrity of the construction if properly wrapped. Excellent for sofas, tables, dressers, file cabinets and a lot more.


      Bundle - (30 lbs of 24"x 36") ink-less paper roll.

      Great for protection of fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing boxes.


      Great protection from dirt, scratches, dust, and stains.

      Available for any size mattress or box spring and possibly other large items. It comes sealed on three sides - seal the top with tape.

-King Mattress Cover - (78" x 8" x 90"),

-Queen Mattress Cover - (60" x 8" x 90"),

-Full-Size Mattress Cover - (54" x 8" x 90").