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Valencia Movers 


Valencia Movers

If you live in Valencia or anywhere in Greater Los Angeles area and need help securely move your entire private belonging to the new place, most probably you will require a help of licensed, professional movers.

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From Susan Lowe

Moving is horrible and stressful. At least that what I thought- until I had to hire Valencia Movers .

They took really good care of my furniture- everything was well packed, move was fast and smooth. Everybody was professional, polite and cheerful. To my surprise it was a nice, pleasant experience.

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From Jack Hilton

I would like to thank Valencia Movers for the job well done! They packed and moved my stuff in 6 hours. Nothing was broken. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Stanley Berman

I would like to thank Valencia Movers and specifically moving team for the great service they provided. We called Valencia Movers – and appointment was scheduled. Nothing was broken- things were packed really well. If i move again Valencia Movers is definitely my choice!!

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House Moves.                                            

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Valencia Movers  is fully bonded and insured. We offer extremely attractive deals to our residential customers. The excellent and precise work of our employees makes our local house movers the most demanded company. We relocate households locally - in town and long distance - out of state..

Valencia Movers offers Local and Long Distance relocations to households of Southern California. We are licensed to provide both in state and out of state moving services. There are major differences between in state and out of state moves. In state moves are governed by California Public Utilities Commission and out of state moves governed by Federal Department of Transportation. Both agencies provide their own laws of transportation, licensing and tariffs.

Local moves are commonly charged by hourly rates. Hourly rates depend on the amount of movers and trucks involved in the job. Choosing the correct number of movers and correct size of a truck or trucks is the most important tasks in controlling the cost of your move.

Long Distance moves are charged by the size (weight) of the shipment and the distance. Long distance moves require special preparations. The customer and the mover must have a full understanding of the tasks, time lines, budget and have open lines of communication from the time of getting a quote to the time shipment is delivered to new residence.

Any Move - Any Where - Any Time

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Our goal is to provide our customer with lowest rates while having the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Our reputation is very important. Most of our business comes to us referred from existing customers. Our office staff is attentive to your needs. They will get a detailed inventory of your belongings and will provide you an accurate estimate. For our local moves we have a different fleet of trucks. They are dedicated specifically to local relocations. They will accommodate any size household: a studio apartment or a 6 bedroom house. Our long distance fleet consists of large trailers. Those trailers are assigned to transport shipments across state lines. The larger a trailer the more households can fit in it - the lower the cost of the move to our customer. As they are now splitting the cost among a number of customers moving to the similar destination.


Form A - Table of measurements is used by our estimators to log every single household item to determine the size of the shipment. This important for calculations of the right size truck and team of movers to perform a local job or weight of shipment to determine the cost of transportation of long distance moves.

Form B - Regulations on how and when an inventory form must be filled out by movers. From "Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods" in California.

              Form - A     Form - B       

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If you have any questions about moving services, local or long distance, residential or commericial visit our FAQs pages.