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How to move your home gym – home gym

Moving your home gym can prove to be a difficult task if the 
proper steps are not taken to ensure a safe and efficient move
of your home gym. Chances are, if you have a home gym
set up, you are quiet possibly in good physical shape;
however you will want to be sure that you have two able
bodied individuals to assist with your home gym move. 
Although you may be thoroughly familiar with your home
gym and how all the machines are put together, you will
want to be sure to have all of the assembly booklets
on hand. In addition to having you assembly booklets,
you will want to take several pictures of the machines
prior to disassembly. Take pictures from all angles and
as you are disassembling, take pictures during that process. 
Pictures will be a great quick reference during reassembly. 
After you have taken all necessary pictures, you are ready to 
begin disassembly. Start by removing all of the attachments from 
your equipment. Attachments include – 

Lateral bars
Triceps ropes
Ab straps
Ankle straps
Weight selection pins

Remove all protective shields, and put them aside. Tie down all 
pieces that movie or pivot. This will prevent them from swinging 
when you actual pick up and move the equipment, preventing any 
injury to movers or the walls in which you are moving it around. 
The next step will be to remove all the weight stacks. Start this 
process by removing the cables from the top plate of the weights. 
Tape or tie the cable to a convenient piece of the frame to ensure 
it is out of the way. When all weight stacks have been removed, 
you will need to evaluate the size and shape of the machine. It is 
not necessary to completely disassemble the frame. It is only 
necessary to remove the pieces that make it safe and easy to move. 
Remember to never move the weight plates while they are 
attached to the guide rods. This can damage the weight bushings. 
Following this simple steps can help make moving your home gym 
a safe and efficient task. Just remember that organization and 
taking your time is key.