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Moving with your pets!pets

Moving from one home to another can prove to be
very difficult and stressful on you and your family.
While we realize the stress it puts on us, we
sometimes can forget how stressful this may
be on our pets. Animals become very comfortable
in the current surroundings, changing everything
can cause anxiety in pets that are otherwise
calm animals. Be aware of the affects that your move may potentially have on your pets.
While packing your home, make an effort to try to ease in to it.

If you have cats and/or skittish dogs, begin by bringing in your packing boxes as early as possible.
Your pets will then get used to having the boxes in the home as you slowly pack them. Next, try 
to leave one room unpacked for as long as you possibly can. This will allow you animal to continue
to have one room that is still familiar and comfortable for them. This may help with anxiety and 
stress on the animals. Also, if at all possible, during the move,keep your pets in a quiet room or
with family or friends. Having the pets out of the home will prevent them from trying to run out 
while the movers are going in and out of the home.Preparing your pets for the road can be very
difficult on them;however you can make this an easier transition on them and you. 
Most pets of our pets have never been in a crate or in a car. Begin, by slowly introducing them
to the crate, making it fun for them but putting their food in the crate or giving them treats after 
the go in to the crate. Once they have become used to being inside the crate, take them on
short drives. Make trips around the block, each time making the trip a little longer. Be sure to give 
them treats and/or praise when they are back from the trip and out of the crate. This will make
moving day much less stressful on you and your pets. 

Finally, you have arrived in your new home. It may be best if you introduce your new home
one room at a time. You do not want to overwhelm your pet by just letting them loose to roam the new 
home freely. This can cause stress and anxiety on your pet. After they are comfortable in one room,
open it up to a few more rooms at a time. In no time at all, your pets will be comfortable and 
feeling at home again.